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ZH-Wn Controller WiFI LED Single Color Control Card 320*32 Pixels


Zh-wn is a short-distance wireless WIFI controller,which is easy to set and completely replace U disk.


Generally, within a short distance of 20 meters, It can communicate directly through a notebook computer; or it can communicate with a WIFI controller through a wireless network card.

Multi-platform: support PC, Android, IOS.

Fast transmission rate: up to 2~3M per second.

Simple operation: simple UI design, zero learning cost.

WiFi communication: WiFI transmit

Test button: One button to test the screen.

Multi-programs: Multi-programs, free editing, and timing playback.

Multi-partition: automatic and manual adjustment of partitions.

Switching: It can be switched on and off manually or at a time.

Border: The borders of programs and subtitles are played independently.

Project backup: Supports the backup of edited programs, which is convenient for second use.


Operating system: Support Win7, Win8, Win10, Android, IOS

Supporting software: LED magic software, LED Control System V6

Program editing: Supports 65536 programs, and each program supports 16 free partitions.

Running side type: Phantom running side, support full screen running side/partition running side/custom running side.

Play type:Support multi-program sequential play/timing play/fixed-length play/time-divided play/locked single-program play.

Clock display:Support multi-country clock playback and time difference setting.

Area type:Picture/subtitle/time/analog dial/timing/animation.

Display effect: Support software to automatically generate font animation; font animation, magic running and superimposed playback, more than two thousand special effects combinations, real-time preview function.

Software switch:Support timing automatic switch on and off/software switch on and off

Communication method: WIFI

Display interface:2 groups T12

Scope of adaptation: Support various specifications of indoor and outdoor single and double colors.

Load range:32*320 16*640

Storage capacity:512K

Working voltage: +4.5V~6V

Maximum power consumption: <1W

Working temperature: -30°C~70°C