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Linsn TS921 LED Sending Card

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Linsn TS921 is a full-color LED sending card, which supports single-color, dual-color and full-color LED displays,and 4K video source input, the maximum load up to 1.3 million pixels,the max width load up to 3840 points, and the max height load up to 1920 points.

1) 1 DVI video signal input;
2) Support 4K video source input;
3) Support the read-back function of receiving card configuration file;
4) Support the broadcast function of receiving card configuration file;
5) Support display connection broadcast function;
6) Support 12bit/10bit/8bit video input;
7) Support 16bit grayscale display;
8) 1 audio input;
9) Using PCI-E 1X interface, computer compatibility is better;
10) Dual network port output, support 2048X640, 1280X1024 and other common video sources.

Interface Specification:
① Indicator
② RJ45 (U port)
③ RJ45 (D port)
④ 3.5mm audio input port
⑤ USB port
⑥ DVI input port
⑦ PCI-E x1
⑧ Internal use
⑨ D-type power port (5V)
⑩ Square power port
⑪ Light sensor probe connection port
⑫ Brightness adjustment by 8-digit digital tube
⑬ Cascade input port
⑭ 8 word digital tube to adjust the brightness
⑮ Cascade output port