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Linsn TS802D LED Sending Card

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Linsn TS802D is a full-color LED sending card,which supports single-color, dual-color, and full-color displays. A single card supports 1310720 points, the max width up to 4032 points,the max height up to 2048 points.


1 DVI video signal input;

1 audio input;

USB interface control, multi-card cascade supports up to 4 sending cards cascaded;

Dual network port output, single network port supports up to 655360 pixels;

Support manual brightness adjustment (external sending box is required), 16-level, 32-level, 64-level brightness adjustment is optional;

Support two output modes of 60Hz and 30Hz.

More Detail:

Fully compatible with the seventh generation

Based on the seventh-generation upgrade, there are many original functions, more new functions and more powerful, and the system is more stable and reliable. It can be mixed with the seven-generation system.

Support 10-bit color

The 8-bit color of the old system can only display 256X256X256=1677216 colors. The number of colors in the new system is 1024X1024X1024=1073741824. The number of colors in the new system is 64 times that of the old system.

Smart connection

Multiple receiving cards/cabinet on the same LED screen can be exchanged at will without resetting. The receiving card can intelligently identify the content to display.

Intelligent monitoring

There has temperature detection and four-channel fan monitoring output in each receiving card , which can intelligently control the four-channel fan speed according to the upper temperature limit set by the user.

Company logo display

When the power of the sending card is not turned on, the screen will automatically display the company logo with the pixel of 128X128, and the color number of 16K.

Support any scan mode within 32 bits

The original system only supports 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 scans, and the new system supports any scan within 32 scans.

Support special-shaped split display

Each receiving card supports up to 1024 segmentation for special-shaped/text screens.

Support margin insertion

You can set how many points to connect to one or more empty pixels for special-shaped screens.

Support driver chip with PWM

A special driver chip is required to make the display effect more perfect.

Support point-by-point correction

A special driver chip is required to make the screen point-by-point correction more better.

Support point-by-point detection

A dedicated driver chip is required to dynamically detect the defect of the LED screen.

Point-by-point calibration, card-by-card (cabinet) calibration

Point-by-point correction supports four correction modes: single point, 2×2 points, 4×4 points and 8×8 points, with a maximum correction of 6144 points/module, each with 256 levels of red, green and blue. Card by card (cabinet) calibration is used to calibrate the chromatic aberration between each cabinet of the LED screen, each with 256 levels of red, green and blue.

Intelligent identification card

The intelligent recognition program can recognize various scanning methods and various signal directions of various driver boards such as two-color, full-color, virtual, lighting, etc., with a recognition rate of 99%.

65536 level (64K) arbitrarily set in gray scale

The customer can adjust arbitrarily from no gray scale to 65536 (64K) gray scale according to need, so that your LED screen can achieve the best display.

Arbitrary setting of refresh rate, phase lock, synchronization function

The refresh rate can be set arbitrarily from 10Hz-3000Hz.

Loading area

The maximum load of dual network cable is 2048×640, the maximum load of single network cable is 1600×400, 2048×320, and the two cards cascaded to load 2048×1152.

Dual network cable hot backup

Both ports A and B of the receiving card can be used as input or output ports, which can be used for two computers to control one screen at the same time. When one computer occurs a problem, the other computer will automatically take over. It can also be used for one computer with dual network cables control, when one network cable occurs a problem, the other network cable will automatically take over, ensures the LED screen work normally.

Multi-screen synchronization and combination

It supports one sending card to control multiple screens. The working status of multiple screens can be combined arbitrarily, displayed synchronously, played independently, etc., and can be quickly switched through shortcut keys.

256 levels of brightness automatic adjustment

The 256-level brightness automatic adjustment makes the brightness of led display adjustment more effective.

Program online upgrade

If the program of receiving card needs to be upgraded, just turn on the power of the LED screen and use the LED studio to upgrade the program, without removing the receiving card from LED screen to upgrade.

No DIP switch

No DIP switch design, all settings are set by computer.

Test function

The receiving card has integrated test ability, and the LED screen can be tested without connecting the sending card. There are multiple test modes such as slash, grayscale, red, green, blue, and full brightness.

Long transmission distance

The maximum transmission is 170 meters (measured), and the at leaat transmission is 140 meters.

Supporting software

LED studio 10.0