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HD-T902x1/HD-T902x2 LED Sending Box


T902x1/T902x2 is a synchronous sending box, it supports multi box splicing with large screen. external synchronous sending box with a 110 ~ 240 V AC to 5 V DC transformer.

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HD-T902x1 is a 4 network port synchronous sending box of Huidu,which is equivalent to 2 T901sending cards and it is used with R series receiving cards. Support multiple T902x1 splicing display,supporting computer playback control software HDPlayer and Debugging software HDset.

Control range:2.6 million pixels,the max width up to 3840,the max height up to 2048
Control range:5.2 million pixels,the max width up to 7680,the max height up to 4096

Configuration List

Sending card: HD-T902x1 Core dashboard, convert and send data.
Receiving card:R series receiving cards/Connect the screen, show the program to the LED screen
Edit software: HDSet Screen debugging and parameter setting of technical parameters.
Debug software: HD Show Used for program editing and playback control.
Accessories: DVI cable, USB-B cable, net cable, AC power cable

Product Features

1,Compatatible with indoor and outdoor full color and signle and double color modules.
2,Support video playback,pictures and text effect
3,Support 1 dual channel stereo input for use with multi-function cards
4,One DVI video input;
5,Automatic identification without any setting
6,USB-B control interface;
7,cascading multiple units can be unified control;
8,Built-in 110V~220V AC to 5V DC transformer;
9,4 network port output, maximum control of 2.6 million pixels.

Control Mode

t902 connection
Synchronous playback computer, television set-top boxes, cameras and other equipment picture.

System function list

Control range
Direct connect with computer can control 2.3 million pixels (1920*1200@60Hz)
Connect with a video processor to control 2.6 million pixels (2048*1280@60Hz)
Widest 3840, Highest 2048
Program update: DVI synchronous display
Audio output Standard 3.5mm interface dual channel stereo input
Audio input:Need to cooperate with multi-function card to achieve audio output
Communication type: USB-B type interface, Gigabit network port
Play box interface:
Input: AC 110~220V 50/60Hz power terminal *1, DVI *1,USB 2.0 *1
Output: 1000M RJ45 *4, dual channel Audio* 1
Operating Voltage: 4.5V~5.5V,Input voltage AC 110~220V
Debugging software: HDSet
Player software: HD Show(not necessary)

Appearance Description

t902 interface
1. Power switch:Control the AC of the play box;
2. Power interface:AC 110~220V input;
3. LED Indicator:Working normally, the red light is always on; there is video source input, the green light flashes fast, otherwise it flashes slowly;
4. Network:4 Gigabit Ethernet port outputs, connected to the receiving card;
5. Audio output:Standard 3.5 dual-channel stereo input, transmitted to multi-function card via network cable;
6. USB-B configuration interface:Connect the USB-B male port line to debug;
7. DVI port:Video signal input interface;

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HD-T902x1, HD-T902x2