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HD-T901 LED Sending Card Dual Network Port Output

HD-T901 is a synchronous sending card of Huidu, with the R50X series receiving card to connect the LED screen.

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HD-T901 is a synchronous sending card of Huidu, with the R50X series receiving card to connect the LED screen.The load capacity up to 1.3 million pixels, the max width yp to  3840 pixel, and the max height up to 2048 pixel, they both supports multi-card splicing with large screen.
1,Support 1~64 scan, compatible with indoor and outdoor full color and single color module.
2,Control range: 1.3 million pixels, the widest 3840, and the highest 2048.
3,One DVI video input.
4,Supports up to 65536 grayscale level.
5,Support cascading with serial port to configure multiple sending cards, support sending card cascade to control screen in high resolution.
6,1 DVI video input,
7,2 Gigabit Ethernet port outputs,
8,USB control interface which is able to be cascaded for uniform control;
9,Cascading multiple units can be unified control.
10,Supporting computer playback control software HD Player and debugging software HD Set.

Configuration list:
Sending card:HD-T901B Core dashboard, convert and send data.
Receiving card:R series receivingcards,Connect the screen, show the program tothe LED screen
Edit software:HDSet Screen debugging and parameter setting of technical parameters.
Debug software:HD Show Used for program editing and playback control.
Accessories: DVI cable, USB-B cable, net cable, AC power cable

Technical Parameters:
Module type:Compatible with indoor and outdoor full color and single color module;Support MBI, MY, ICN, SM and other PWM chips,Support conventional chip
Scanning method:Supports any scanning method from static to 1/64 scan
Grayscale:Support 0-65536 level adjustable
Program update DVI synchronous display
Temperature of working environment:-20℃-80℃
interface:Input: 5V power supply terminal, DVIx1, USB 2.0 x1,
PCI finger x1, serial cascade x1, Audio x1
Output: 1000M RJ45 x2, serial for cascadingx1

Appearance Detail:
1. DVI input, connect the computer;
2. USB configuration interface;
3. Audio input;
4. Gigabit Ethernet port, connect the receiving card;
5. LED indicator, Red-It is steady on when the equipment runs normally and blinks during authorization;
6. Power supply terminal, connect 5V power supply;
7. Serial cascade input, cascading sending card;
8. Serial cascade output, cascading send card;
9. PCI golden finger, connect computer PCI seat, power supply.


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