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Novastar N6/N9/D12 4K Multi-Screen Seamless Video Switcher


Novastar N6/N9/D12 is a high performance seamless switcher with video processing, image stitching, special effects switching and multi-screen display,D12 maximum support 40KK video input.

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NovaStar N6 Video Switcher

Product Type: Video Switcher
Support zoom: support
Support splicing: support
Number of layers: 6 layers
Source switching effects: Support
Custom EDID: Support
Maximum output resolution: up to 15360 wide
Video input interface: DP1.1 × 1, 3G SDI × 2, HDMI1.3 × 1, DVI × 4
Support loop-out: support
Control method: USB, serial control
BKG crawling: support
Support common video input interfaces on the market
− DVI interface, supporting 1920 × 1080 @ 60Hz input
− HDMI1.3 interface, supporting 1920 × 1080 @ 60Hz input
− 3G-SDI interface, supporting 1920 × 1080 @ 60Hz input
− DP1.1 interface, support 3840 × 2160 @ 30Hz input
− HDMI1.4 interface, support 3840 × 2160 @ 30Hz input
Stand-alone 4 groups of 8 DVI interface splicing output
NovaStar N6 supports maximum of 4 interface splicing outputs,horizontal splicing, vertical splicing, and field stitching,maximum load of up to 9.2 million pixels, and four-channel splicing up to 15360.
Dual system mode
Support splicer and switcher mode to meet the needs of different application.
Multi-window display
Support to add 6 3840 × 2160 windows to any layout, and each window supports cross-interface output.
HDMI preview output
− Support single input source preview, PVW preview or PGM preview
− Support all input sources, PVW and PGM full-screen preview
− Supports overlay display of input resolution and frame rate
Screen control function
Support one-click black screen, freeze.
EDID Management
Support input resolution management of DVI, HDMI and DP interfaces.
Screen effects switching
Supports cut special effects in the splicer mode, screen effect switching in the switcher mode, and supports the duration setting of the effect switching.
BKG crawl
In switcher mode, it supports input source and PGM capture, and uses captured images for BKG.
BKG configuration
In switcher mode, you can select a picture or configure solid color as BKG. You can save up to 6 BKG pictures.
Support input source image quality, window image quality and output image quality adjustment.
Multi-scenario management
Support to create 10 user-defined scenes, which can be called with one click
Window template management
Built-in 7 window templates, directly call window templates for quick window layout.
Multiple control methods
Supports using intelligent control software V-Can, C1 console or N6 front panel to control the device.
The intuitive front-panel color LCD display interface and clear key lamp prompts simplify the system’s control operations.

NovaStar N9 Multi-layer Seamless Switcher

Product Type: Video Switcher
Support zoom: support
Support splicing: support
Number of layers: 7 layers
Source switching effects: Support
Custom EDID: Support
Maximum output resolution: widest or up to 8192 pixels
Video input interface: DP1.1 × 1, HDMI1.3 × 2, DVI × 4, DP1.2 × 1, 3G SDI × 1
Support loop-out:
Control method: support
BKG capture: USB, serial control
Certification: CE, ROHS, FCC, IC
Real 4K for breathtaking pixel to pixel display
9 input sources, including two 4K source inputs.
4 DVI master outputs, for up to 8K×1K or 4K×2K loading capacity with a single unit.
Multiple Layers for creative arrangements
Support for 7 layers in any location, each up to 4K×2K. Crossing multiple outputs will not limit number of layers.
Fully featured for ultimate efficiency
2 AUX outputs can be used for teleprompter. Fade in/out switching effects.
Supports 32 user presets, easily accessible with the push of a button.
Dual-Redundancy for ultimate stability
Redundant backup outputs (supports single or dual link mode).
MVR output allows total monitoring for worry-free operation.

Novastar D12 Video console

Product Type: Video Switcher
Support zoom: support
Support splicing: support
Number of layers: 40
Source switching effects: Support
Custom EDID: Support
Maximum output resolution: maximum 40KK for full configuration, maximum 4096 × 2160 @ 60Hz for single card
Video input interface: DVI-D × 4, HDMI1.3 × 4, DP1.1 × 4, DP1.2 × 1, HDMI2.0 × 1
Support loop-out: support
Control method: software, C3
BKG crawling: support
Certification: None

NovaStar D12 is a HDCP-compliant seamless switcher. It can be modularized and provides 8 input daughter cards (32 input interfaces) and 6 output daughter cards (24 output interfaces).A variety of input and output, including DVI / DP / HDMI / 3G SDI interface, and equipped with powerful image processing functions to support 4K HD picture transmission.
signgle D12 can provide 6 output daughter cards, each with loading capacity of 4K × 2K @ 60Hz. The last output daughter card is 2 AUX, 1 multi-view preview (MVR) and 1 channel echo; single D12 supports up to 20 main outputs with load capacity up to 40KK; single D12 supports up to 40 Single-link mixed layers.
NovaStar D12 works with the intelligent management software Arpa and C3 console, which perform playback picture management such as input and output settings, picture splicing, screen configuration, and layer settings to achieve rich picture effects and more fully meet user needs.
NovaStar D12 can provide 72 hours of uninterrupted and stable operation capability, and is widely used in stage performing arts, high-end auto shows, business meetings, TV program recording, product launches and large-scale exhibitions.
With modular and plug-in design, a single device can support up to 32 inputs and 24 outputs.
Supports up to 40 single-link mixed layers. The position and size of the layer can be adjusted. You can add a border to the layer and set the width and color of the border.
Supports 3 input source EDID setting methods.
− Preset EDID.
− Custom EDID.
− Advanced settings EDID, set the timing parameters of the video source.
The maximum output of a single output daughter card is 3840 × 2160 @ 60Hz.
Each layer supports brightness, hue adjustment, saturation and layer transparency adjustment.
Support input source capture and save as BKG file.
Support BKG setting, the picture comes from local picture and input source capture.
Support 128 user scenes, users can flexibly recall and save scenes.
PVW-to-LED display top-effect switching allows for professional-quality presentations.
− Take: Supports 13 special effects, and can set the switching speed.
− T-bar: Manually control the speed of the “fade-in” effect switching.
Straight cut: Switch PVW screen to LED display without special effects.
Supports simultaneous splicing of up to 20 output interfaces.
Supports preview of all input sources, PVW and PGM pictures.
Support 2 channels of AUX, 1 channel of multi-screen preview (MVR) and 1 channel of display.
Supports Genlock video source synchronization function. You can select any input source as the synchronization signal to achieve frame synchronization between the screens of the device.
Supports monitoring of board working status and key chip temperature.
Support dual power backup to improve system stability.

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N6, N9, D12