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HD-B6 Dual-mode Control Card for LED Poster Advertising

HD-B6 is a four in one player integrating synchronous playback, asynchronous playback and video zooming of U-disk playback box. A card supports 1.3 million pixel points, 8GB on-board storage space, Wi-Fi module as standard, support HDMI splicing display.
Control range:1.3 million pixels(1280*1024)

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HD-B6, it is an LED control system for remote control and offline HD video playback for small-pitch LED advertising screens. Including asynchronous sending box HD-B6, receiving card R50X and control software HDPlayer three parts.
HD-B6 supports multi-card HDMI connected for splicing, which can realize multi-card adaptive splicing, single-card independent control and other modes, a product tailored for advertising machines and mirror screens.The user completes the parameter setting and program editing and transmission of the display through HDPlayer.

HD-B6 Controller System Configuration

Dual-mode LED display player: HD-B6 Asynchronous core parts It has 8GB memory.
Receiving card: R Series Connected the screen, Showing programs in the screen
Control Software:HDPlayer Screen parameter settings, editing the program,send program, etc.
Accessories: Network cables, HDMI Cable. e

HD-B6 Features

Control rang: 1.30 million pixels,Support HDMI multiple card splicing up to 2.3 million (1920*1200)pixel;
Support Asynchronous & Synchronous display.
Support HDMI automatic zooming function;
HDMI LOOP,Support multiple B6 stitching;
One B6 control card support widest 3840 pixel, highest 2048 pixel.
8GB memory, support expending memory by U-disk,
Support HD video decoding, 60Hz frame rate output
No need set IP address, it could be identified by controller ID automatically
Unified management of more LED display through Internet or LAN.
Equipped with Wi-Fi, Mobile APP management.
Equipped 3.5mm standard audio interface output.

HD-B6 System Function List

Module Type:Compatible with indoor and outdoor full color and single color module Support conventional chip and mainstream PWM chip
Scan Mode: Static to 1/64 scan mode
Control Range:
One B6 control range: 1.3 million pixel, widest 3840, highest 2048;
HDMI multiple B6 splicing control range: 2.3 million pixel,widest 3840, highest 4096.
Gray Scale: 256-65536 (adjustable)
Basic Functions:
Video, Pictures, Gif, Text, Office, Clocks, Timing, etc.
Remote, Temperature, Humidity, Brightness, PM Value, etc.
Support Synchronized picture auto-zooming, Playing live screen without video processor.
Video Format:
HD video hard decoding, 60Hz frame rate output.
Image Format:
Text: Text editing, Image, Word, Txt, Rtf, Html, etc.
Document:DOC, DOCX, XLSX, XLS, PPT, PPTX, etc.Office2007 Document format
Time: Classic Analog Clock, digital clock and various of clock with image background
Audio output: Double track stereo audio output
Memory: 8GB Flash Memory, Expanding memory by U-disk
Communication: 100M/1000M RJ45 Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, LAN, USB
Working Temp: -40℃-80℃
IN:12V Power Adapter*1, 1Gbps RJ45*1, USB 2.0*1, Test
Button*1, GPS, 4G(Optional), Sensor port*1, HDMI*1
OUT:1Gbps RJ45*1,AUDIO*1,HDMI*1
Power: 18W

HD-B6 Appearance:

HD-B6 card
1. Input network port, connected to the computer network port.
2. Audio output port: standard two-channel stereo output
3. HDMI Input port: Video Signal Input, Connecting Computer, Set Top Box, etc,when splicing, it is connected to the HDMI output port of the previous B6.
4. HDMI output port: can be connected to the LCD display, When splicing, it is connected to the HDMI input port of the next B6.
5. Screen Display light: showing the programs status of the display,
6. 4G and Wi-Fi light: For showing 4G/ Wi-Fi working status.
7. Power and running light: The (PWR) light is always on when the power is turned on, and (RUN) light is flashing.
8. 5VPower interface:Connect 5V DC power supply power to the control card;
9. 5VPower interface:Connect 5V DC power supply power to the control card
10. Reset button: Used to restore default parameter values.
11. Test button: for test module.
12. Output Network Port: Connect to Receiving Card
13. PCIE Port:For insert 4G module,
14. External antenna interface: Connect the antenna to enhance Wi-Fi signal,
15. USB port: Connecting USB devices, such as: U disk, mobile hard disk, etc.
16. Power port,connect to 12V DC.

HD-B6 Advertising Screen Application

1. Play independently
Each display screen is independent and plays independently without interfering with each other.
2. Multi-screen splicing to play one program
With HDMI high-definition cable connected to put the contents of multiple display screens into a whole picture.

HD B6 Specification