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Novastar VX6s is an all-in-one controller that integrates sending card functions with video processing. Designed with powerful video processing capability, it supports 10 video inputs and 6 Gigabit Ethernet outputs.

Based on the powerful FPGA processing platform, Novastar VX6s supports multiple transition effects, such as quick seamless switching and fade, providing flexible display controlling and outstanding video presentations.

Novastar VX6s is equipped with an expansion card which can connect a USB drive to play the media files stored in it. By connecting a mouse and monitor, the USB playback can be intuitively monitored in real-time.

NovaStar VX6s

Screen Brightness

This function is used to adjust the LED display brightness. On the home screen, press the knob to enter the menu. Then, rotate the knob to select Screen Brightness and press the knob to enter the brightness adjustment status. At last, rotate the knob to adjust the brightness value. After you set the brightness value, press the knob to confirm it.

Novastar VX6s Configuration


The LED screen is a regular one, not an irregular one.

The cabinets of the LED screen are regular, and each cabinet has the same resolution.

The cabinet connection (data flow) must be one of the following 8 patterns. The physical connection of cabinets loaded by each Ethernet port must be along the same direction.

During data flow settings, ensure that the Ethernet port 1 is at the beginning position of the whole physical connection and the ports must be connected in order.

Operating Procedure

Step 1 Power on the LED screen.

Step 2 On the menu page, choose Screen Settings > Quick Config to enter the Quick Config page.

Step 3 Set Cabinet Row Qty and Cabinet Column Qty (number of cabinet rows and columns) based on actual conditions of the LED screen.

Step 4 Rotate the knob to select Port 1 Cabinet Qty (number of cabinets loaded by Ethernet port 1) and set the number of cabinets.


The number of cabinets loaded by Ethernet port should follow the rules below.

Ethernet port 1 ≥ Ethernet port 2 ≥ Ethernet port 3 ≥ Ethernet port 4 ≥Ethernet port 5 ≥ Ethernet port 6

The number of cabinets loaded by each Ethernet port must be the integral multiple of the number of cabinet rows or columns in the LED screen.

Step 5 Rotate the knob to select Data Flow (Front View) and press the knob to select one data flow according to current cabinet connection.

When setting the data flow, you can view the results of different data flow patterns in real time on LED display by rotating the knob. When you are satisfied with the LED display image in which no image parts are overlapped or displayed repeatedly, press the knob to apply and save the selected data flow. If you press the ESC button, you will exit current operation and the data flow in preview will not be saved.