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Novastar MCTRL660 is the latest independent master controller of NovaStar, which is mainly applied for display rental service. It supports screen configuration at any time without a computer.

NovaStar MCTRL660

① Power indicator;

② LED Indicator

PWR: Power indicator.

RUN: Equipment running indicator 1.

It blinks slowly when no video source is available. (The light keeps on for 2 seconds and then off for 2 seconds.).

It blinks normally when the video source is available. (It blinks about twice per second.).

It blinks quickly when start-up screen is displayed.

When the redundancy works, the indicator blinks at a frequency of breathing.

STA: Equipment running indicator 2. It is steady on when the equipment runs normally.

③: Operation screen.

④: Knob: Press the knob to enter the option and rotate the knob to conduct selection or adjustment.

⑤: ESC: Exit from the current operation or option

All the operations of MCTRL660 led display controller can be achieved by one knob, one return key, two toggle keys of video

source, 3D/2D toggle key and user-defined shortcut key.


Press the knob under main interface to enter the operation interface of menu;

Rotate the knob to select menu or press the knob under the operation interface of menu to select current menu or enter submenu;

Rotate the knob to adjust the parameter after selecting the menu with parameter; press the knob again for confirmation after adjustment.

ESC: Return key to exit from current menu or operation.

Novastar MCTRL660 is powerful and the operation is very simple. In general, the display can be started and normally used after the user complete the first three steps. Other options in advanced setting can be selectively set so as to achieve a better display.